Loaned Crossword Clue

We are all aware that crossword puzzles are a big part of our lives and being more intelligent in this pastime for test purposes is important.This article breaks down the methods essential for succeeding with crossword puzzles that are based on cognitive ability and tests unique knowledge.

Words about what loaned can mean

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Steps for writing a crossword clue with the word


A definition of crossword

– a puzzle with many squares with words or phrases across them, that is solved by finding words in the proper order Crossword puzzles date back to the 16th century, when they were used as an educational tool. But it wasn’t until 1925 that Vernon Walling published what is considered to be the first modern crossword puzzle. Since then, crosswords have become one of the most popular puzzles in the world. Crossword puzzles are typically divided into categories based on how they are solved: word games, grid games, cryptograms and anagrams, and so on. There are thousands of different crosswords to choose from, and each one has its own set of rules. The grid game is the simplest type of crossword puzzle, and is usually composed of small squares that spell out words. The object of the game is to find all of the words in the grid before time runs out. Word games involve puzzles with longer words, as opposed to single letters or short phrases. In these types of puzzles, each letter in a word must be found in at least one location in the puzzle. Anagrams require players to find pairs of related words together, like bunny ear soup and

How to start a crossword puzzle with your own clues

If you’re looking to start your own crossword puzzle, but don’t know where to begin, try borrowing some clues from other puzzles. You can find a list of borrowed clues for many popular puzzles at Once you have a few clues locked in, it’s time to start creating your own.

How to submit the finished crossword on social media

The finished crossword can be shared online on your personal social media account or submitted to a contest. The steps for submitting the finished crossword are: 1. Open the completed crossword in desktop software, like Microsoft Word. 2. Click File>Print and select Crosswords from the Printers list. (If you don’t see Crosswords in the Printers list, make sure that you’re printing a document with the correct page orientation.) 3. Click Edit>Preferences>General and ensure that Print layout is set toLayoutHorizontal. 4. From your personal social media account, post a photo of the finished crossword on Instagram or Facebook and include the hashtag #BoredPuzzles#holidaysolver#crosswordsolver. (For Facebook, please enter the link in the Comments field when posting.) 5. On December 14th, we’ll randomly select one winner who will receive a $50 gift card to BoredPuzzles!