Loan Shark Crossword Clue

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The history of loan sharks

The history of loan sharks dates back to ancient times. In ancient China, priests would collect money from people who couldn’t afford to pay their debts, and then sell the debt to other people or businesses. This practice became known as “sacrifice.” Over time, this system evolved into what we know today as loan sharks. Today, loan sharks continue to operate in many parts of the world. They typically offer low-interest rates and quick loans to individuals and businesses who cannot get approved from traditional lenders. Unfortunately, loan sharks can also be very dangerous, sometimes preying on the weaknesses of their victims in order to take advantage of them.

The most shady forms of loan sharking

There are many shady forms of loan sharking, but the most common is when someone uses a debt collector to harass or threaten people into paying back their loans. Another common form of loan sharking is when companies prey on people who are in debt collectors’s line of fire, by offering them high-interest loans in exchange for filling out collection paperwork.

Enclose your insoluble loans in puzzles

One way to make insoluble loans more manageable is to put them into puzzles. That’s what loan shark Crossword is all about. Here are the latest clues. If you can fill in the grid with the correct letters, you’ll earn a prize. But be warned – making a mistake means graduating to the next level! Level 1 (Easy): D I M B L E Level 2 (Medium): R U N Level 3 (Hard): A F F L I C T


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