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Loan Nguyen’s Video Songs

Loan Nguyen is the singer of the Vietnamese pop group X-9. The group was formed in 2004 and has since released five albums. Their latest album was released in March of this year. Earlier this year, Loan filmed a series of music videos for his new song “Tiếng Anh” (English: English Song). The song is about a young man who is trying to find his place in the world and deals with various issues such as friendships, love, and pride. Watch the music video for “Tiếng Anh” below!

Loan, Facts And Outreach

We’re just getting started with Loan Nguyen, and already we’ve got some exciting news! Loan has announced his newest video series: Facts & Outreach. This series will be aimed at helping others learn about Loan, his work, and how they can get involved. The first video in the series is available now, and it covers Loan’s history and some of the projects he’s completed. We hope you enjoy it! l

Loan Nguyen Shows

In the latest video released by Loan Nguyen, the fighter exchanges words with UFC commentator Jon Anik. The video, which is part of Nguyen’s ongoing effort to encourage Mixed Martial Arts fans to visit his Patreon account, begins with the 28-year-old telling Anik that he should “stay positive all the time.” “I don’t think you should just be like ‘oh man, this guy’s losing,'” Nguyen says in reference to Anik’s commentary style. “You can’t be negative…or else it’ll drive people away.” Anik fires back at Nguyen, suggesting that he focus on defending his UFC lightweight title rather than trashing his opponents. Nguyen insists that it’s more important for him to entertain fight fans by SHowing off his skills in various matchups. “I know I’m here to entertain you,” Nguyen proclaims. “I’m not in this competition to win a symphony.”


Loan Nguyen has a new video out that is definitely worth your time. In the video, Loan takes on one of the most common fitness questions posed to guys – how to do chest exercises without crushing your pectorals. This is a question I hear all the time, and Loan provides an excellent solution in this video. If you’re looking for great chest workouts regardless of your body weight or gym membership status, then you need to check out Loan Nguyen’s latest video!