Hdfc Personal Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates are a game that is always changing. With the current deregulation of interest rate, the interest in people’s pockets has never been higher. Current markets expect banks to get their customers more money; at a faster pace and more generously. Currently, it’s a continuous battle in which people want to save their money and maintain control over their finances while banks try to find new ways to generate income by taking bigger risks

Personal Loan Interest Rate

Hdfc Personal Loan Interest Rate Overview Hdfc offers personal loans in two variants- HDFC Platinum Credit Card and HDFC Gold Credit Card.Both cards come with a 0% EMIs for the first three months and also come with other benefits such as accidental insurance, extended warranty and roadside assistance. For people looking to avail of a personal loan, HDFC has two options- the HDFC Platinum Credit Card and the HDFC Gold Credit Card which offer different interest rates. The interest rates on both cards are 9.9% on purchases and 8.9% on loans taken against investments. The Platinum card offers a higher interest rate of 11.9% on purchases and 10.9% on loans taken against investments, while the Gold card offers an interest rate of 9.9% for both purchases and loans taken against investments. However, the Platinum card comes with additional benefits such as accidental insurance, extended warranty and roadside assistance, whereas the Gold card does not come with any such benefits. It is important to note that the Platinum card carries an annual fee of $450 while the Gold card does not have an annual fee. The other advantage that the Platinum card has over the Gold card is that it


-Hdfc personal loan interest rate is quite low, which means that you will save a lot of money on your borrowing costs. -The minimum eligibility criteria for a personal loan at HDFC are pretty lenient, and so you can get a loan even if you don’t have perfect credit history. -Hdfc offers the option of bundling your loans with other financial products and services, so you can benefit from special terms and rates that are available only when you combine loans with other products.


1) High interest rate: because the personal loan is a short-term loan, hdfc charges a high interest rate. This can add up quickly over the life of the loan. 2) Repayment delays: sometimes due to financial constraints, borrowers may be unable to repayment their loans on time. This can lead to interest accruing even more and increase the overall cost of the loan. 3) Limited repayment abilities: if you cannot repay your personal loan on time, you may face serious consequences including repossession of your property or wage garnishment by your employer.